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Trucks, SUVs and cars are my absolute passion! At Biscayne Auto we can find you the best value saving you the most time and money. You'll have peace of mind knowing our knowledge and experience is hard at work finding you the perfect truck or selling your old one!

Email me: Biscaynesales@gmail.com

My Story:

1999-2008- Owned and operated "The Lawn Guy" Landscape while attending college at Oswego State University for a bachelor's degree in math and science- specializing in Technology Education. After graduating in 2003, I taught at Webster School's and soon realized I wanted something more. In 2006, I decided to operate the landscape business full time. From 2008-2012, my entrepreneurial interests led me into commercial real estate- where creating positive and successful relationships motivated me to do well and deal with customers successfully. At the same time, I was enjoying the hobby of buying and selling vehicles!


When I was a young kid, I would watch my dad buy cars and trucks, drive them, fix them and sell them with great care. He worked a full time job and played with cars as a hobby. I was hooked at the age of 13 when he brought me to my first car auction and showed me how to detail the cars and prepare them for the sale. It was a labor of love!

The classic cars are all about nostalgia and the memories people once had when they owned these cars. To many collectors it triggers the emotions back to that time in their lives that they've always loved. I will never forget the night my dad came home with a 1968 Corvette that he bought at an auction. My first instinct was to ask, "Dad can we keep it?" He always said "You can't fall in love with something that doesn't love you back" I've found that sometimes it can be very difficult to part with these really cool cars. My theory is, if you go out for a drive in your car and you love every moment and it makes you happy, you should keep it. But if you park the car somewhere and you don't look back at it at least a few times, then the love is gone and it's time to sell it!

With our economy facing hard times there seems to be more negative than positive in today's media. It's very easy to get caught in the trap of feeling like there's no way out and that things will be hard. It doesn't have to be that way though. I've found to be successful you need to be creative and always think positive!